Advanced Reiki Training & Reiki Master Classes

Becoming Reiki


Advanced Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Training (ART) & Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Class:

When you have gained significant experience in the skill set of Reiki, you may wish to take Advanced Reiki Training and Master Class. This class will allow you to step into the Master teacher role or simply further increase your Reiki capabilities. 

Master students explore their own individual spiritual path and alignment as each bring forth the mental, emotional and spiritual realms of their healing practice to full master integration. In this training, you will learn the additional Master symbols and their uses, learn biofield clearing and forms of meditation that will help guide you on your Reiki journey. You will construct a Reiki crystal grid, spend time with hands-on practice and learn how to teach others this practice as well. Students receive the book, “Reiki Master Manual Including Advanced Reiki Training”, by William Lee Rand.  

Prerequisite: Reiki Level Two practitioner who has practiced Reiki Level Two for at least 6 months.

Education and training by itself does not make you a Reiki Master. You must be committed and dedicated to evolving and expanding your relationship with Reiki. Judy facilitates ongoing mentorship through this process of development and empowerment. Upon successful completion, a certificate is awarded. It is important to set aside time to practice Reiki (daily) after taking this class.  

3 Day Class Investment: $850.00

This class is by appointment - contact Judy and she will set a date that meets your needs.

To register contact Judy