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Empowerment through Education

Resiliency Training & Community Outreach

Resiliency Training  and Community Education

Be empowered!

Reiki Level I Classes


Reawaken your natural ability to heal.

Reiki Level II Classes

(Reiki II) Reiki Level Two Classes

Become deeply rooted in the practical application of Reiki.

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) & Reiki Master Classes


Become Reiki!

Veteran Resources


Even the smallest act of kindness can act as a single drop of water in still water thereby creating ripples of kindness radiating out to the entire community. 

What students are saying...


Be empowered through education!

Melissa D. says... "Judy has educated me in such a way that I can only wish that one day I can be half as good as she is."

Lisa W. says... "Super informative! I will go forth and practice, practice, practice!"

Christina S. says..."I really enjoyed my Reiki II class. Judy has a way of explaining everything so effortlessly. She truly lives and loves Reiki. I am honored to have met her and to learn from her."


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