Reiki I Classes

Reawaken Your Natural Ability to Heal

Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Level I Training

The Reiki Level One training reawakens your natural ability to heal and opens a channel for this energy to flow. This class teaches the fundamentals of the Reiki system, its history, effects and benefits. You will study the energy centers of the body and are taught basic hand positions to utilize self-treatment and provide Reiki support your family, friends, and pets. 

Learning Reiki Level One is a beneficial skill to facilitate deep relaxation, balance and harmony in your life. As a part of this class students receive the book; “Reiki, The Healing Touch, First and Second-Degree Manual” by William Rand. The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience. Practice time includes using all the Japanese Reiki Level One techniques, giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using all the hand positions and self-treatment.  

New to Reiki?

This class does not require any experience. Upon successful completion of this class a certificate will be awarded. It is important to set aside time to practice Reiki (daily) after taking this class. This additional practice is necessary to gain experience and confidence you need to fully utilize the Reiki training.  

7 Hour Course Investment (includes manual): $195.00

Upcoming Class Dates

Saturday, March 23rd (9am - 4pm)

Registration is Required 

To register contact Judy

If a class date does not meet your need contact Judy and she will set a date that works for you.